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Distinguished and Famous people from Benalla

The city of Benalla, located in the state of Victoria, Australia, has been home to several distinguished individuals. Listed below are some of the famous people who were born in Benalla or have strong associations with the area.

Politicians and Government Officials

  • William Slater, a former Australian politician, was born in Benalla. He served as a member of the Australian House of Representatives from 1972 to 1996.
  • Denis Napthine, an Australian politician, was born in Benalla. He served as the 47th Premier of Victoria from 2013 to 2014.
  • Frank Crean, an Australian politician, was born in Benalla. He served as the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia from 1972 to 1975.

Athletes and Sports Personalities

  • Jason Johnson, an Australian rules footballer, was born in Benalla. He played for the Essendon Football Club in the Australian Football League.
  • John Hawken, an Australian cricketer, was born in Benalla. He played first-class cricket for Victoria and South Australia.
  • Chris Judd, an Australian rules footballer, attended school in Benalla. He went on to have a highly successful career playing for the West Coast Eagles and Carlton Football Club.

Artists and Musicians

  • John Brack, an Australian painter, was born in Benalla. He is best known for his depictions of urban life and uniquely Australian subjects.
  • Graeme Clark, an Australian surgeon, inventor, and professor, was born in Benalla. He is renowned for inventing the cochlear implant, a revolutionary device that helps individuals with hearing impairment.
  • Tommy Emmanuel, an Australian guitarist, grew up in Benalla. He is considered one of the world's most accomplished fingerstyle guitarists.

Writers and Journalists

  • George Johnston, an Australian journalist and novelist, was born in Benalla. He was the recipient of the Miles Franklin Award for his novel "My Brother Jack".
  • Caroline Overington, an Australian journalist and author, was born in Benalla. She has won numerous awards for her investigative journalism and has published several successful novels.
  • Ruth Park, a New Zealand-born Australian author, spent part of her childhood in Benalla. She is known for her novels "The Harp in the South" and "Playing Beatie Bow".

Other Distinguished Personalities

  • Steve Haines, an Australian mountaineer, was born in Benalla. He became the first Australian to climb Mount Everest without the use of supplemental oxygen.
  • Trevor Matthews, an Australian businessman, was born in Benalla. He has held executive positions in various multinational insurance companies.
  • Cheryl Kernot, an Australian politician and academic, was born in Benalla. She served as a member of the Australian Senate and later became a prominent political pundit.

This list provides just a glimpse into the diverse range of famous individuals associated with Benalla, Victoria, Australia. It is a testament to the city's rich history and the significant contributions made by its residents.

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